Our Vineyards

The vineyard is in the West Elk American Viticultural Area (AVA) and we share grapes, knowledge, experience and the occasional glass of wine with the other vintners in the area. Yvon started planting hybrid Chambourcin and Cayuga grapes in 2002.  The climate of the North Fork of Delta County requires a hearty grape varieties.  The goal was to find grape varieties that would withstand the cold winters, and be more disease resistant, creating a natural wine.   Through the planting of grapes that will grow well in the soil and climate has enabled us to create our own terroir resulting in a high quality product.

We use local fruits when in season to make small quantities of delicious fruit wines.

Our grape harvest has become an annual event in our community with folks from the surrounding area willing to help us when we pick our grapes. Everyone has a wonderful day with plenty of companionship, fresh air, fun, work, great food, and a glass or two of current vintages. We certainly do appreciate their efforts that contribute so much to our harvest.



Leroux Creek Vineyards, CO