From the Vineyard: Rose’ a new player in the Colorado wine market!

Rose de Leroux, Leroux Creek Vineyards, COWe are not talking about the Californian blush stuff or the pink Pinot Grigio which mean mediocre taste and a sore head.

The US is leading a fantastic Provence Rose’ success story having increased consumption nearly 6 fold over the last 5 years.

The bit that makes us want to keep drinking it, rather than feeling slightly nausea after two glasses is that while the wine is rich in fruit aromatics it is low in sugar and alcohol with good acidity. A kind of perfect storm of yumminess that’s like no other wine out there and it’s good with almost all types of food.

I am glad our passion for Rose’s took us to the North Fork Valley also called “The American Provence.” We came here at the right time, not just to make a really good wine, but to do a lot to support this place that has given us such an amazing terroir.

Joanna & Yvon will work hard to get a new audience to try these delicious and elegant yet unpretentious Rose’ wines made here in Colorado.

Our Provence style Rose’ is crafted with Pinot Noir and Nebiolo grapes grown in the West Elk AVA. The 2015 vintage will be ready and bottled spring of 2016.